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While this burnout epidemic is affecting all employees, the ones who experience the worst are the parents within these companies.

In addition to these parent-employees feeling like they have no support system in the workplace, they have added stress as their work responsibilities have increased due to turnover...

They're losing quality time with their family and struggling to disconnect from work resulting in a chaotic home environment and surfacing mental health issues.

According to the recent study, “Working Parents, Burnout, and the Great Resignation”, 64% of working parents plan on leaving their jobs to prevent further damage from happening...

Luckily, the solution to start resolving burnout is pretty simple and can be executed quickly!

By expressing genuine care for your working parent’s balance between home and work life, you’ll begin seeing the increased engagement you've been looking for.

Creating a space where your employees feel seen, heard, and respected by the company, is the healthiest path to retaining the top talent within your organization.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, burnout has been drastically increasing and will inevitably continue on an upward spiral.

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Alleviating burnout in parent-employees simply starts with acknowledgment

Learn the significant role parents play in

maintaining high staff retention

“The Pandemic Burnout” has left us with turnover rates like we’ve never seen before...

Leading to poor employee engagement, dissatisfaction, lower productivity and quiet quitting...just to name a few.

The solution for the "Turnover Tsunami" is easier than you think!   I would love to help you finally bring this burnout to a close, and get back to that healthy work environment your company was built on!

Through a personalized presentation, your employees and leaders will bring their best selves to work every day.

Robbin McManne

Robbin is a Parenting Expert, author, podcaster and speaker. Robbin works with parents from all over the world to help them build more connections with their kids to bring more joy and cooperation to their parenting.

As a mom of two boys, Robbin understands what it takes to balance work-home life.  She has experience both corporately and as an entrepreneur building a seven-figure business while raising a family.  In fact, Robbin came to be a Parent Expert because of the struggles she experienced.  It inspired her to dedicate her life to the teaching and practice of parenting in a peaceful and intentional way.

Robbin specializes in helping career-focused parents navigate the challenges of parenting so they can build connection & cooperation with their kids, reclaim calm in their home, and do the fulfilling work they love.


Robbin works with parents who are tired of feeling overwhelmed, powerless, disappointed, frustrated and angry in their parenting. In focusing on the parent-child relationship, understanding development, brain growth and what drives behavior, Robbin is able to change a chaotic family to one that is rooted in respect, cooperation, communication, and understanding. 


Once parents have solved their biggest stressors at home, they are able to truly enjoy their life, family and career of their dreams!


Robbin is the Parenting Expert and Consultant for the international, personal development app, LiveMORE.  Robbin also sits on the Expert Panel for Newsweek Magazine where she contributes to, and writes articles related to parenting for the publication.


Robbin McManne

Parenting Expert





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Hire Robbin to Speak at Your Event,
to Your Staff, or Host a Workshop

If you're looking for a fun, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker
to ignite and inspire a group, look no further! 

Robbin will create an interactive and thought-provoking presentation that will keep the listeners hooked and learning key tools to connect and communicate, in a whole new way.  

While Robbin specializes in parenting, she can also speak on work/life balance, and dealing with overwhelm that comes with building a business or being a driven business leader.

"The way to change the world is in how we raise our kids."

~Robbin McManne

Watch This Short Video To See How Robbin Can Support Your Company

This is where Robbin comes in!

Conference presentation
By inviting me to sit down with your team, we can start addressing the main issues of burnout your company is going through.
"As one of the Co-Chairs of our Family Matters Committee, we are always looking for dynamic speakers to address family related topics and bring new ideas to everyone in our group. We came across Robbin online and coordinated virtual sessions for our group.
Robbin presented to our group on two very timely sessions: “How to Balance the Overwhelm of Parenting and Returning to Work” and a follow-up session “Back to School; Back to Work: How to Manage Routines and the Morning Chaos”!
Robbin approached both topics in an organized, clear and concise manner. The content that she provided was relatable to all of our members and was well-received. We received great feedback from our members following both of Robbin’s presentations."

April Pugh & Michelle Bonk
Co-Chairs, McMillan Family Matters Committee
Throughout the presentation, your leaders and employees will:
  • Experience a presentation tailored to the company’s needs, and them as individuals!
  • Learn sought-after skills that can be utilized in both their work and personal lives.
  • Understand that you and your business truly care for their mental health and well-being.
  • Start engaging more in the company, resulting in high performance and less burnout!
  • Improve their communication within the company.

With the help that I can provide your company, you won’t have to spend any more of your time scouring the internet, looking for the implications “The Pandemic Burnout” will have on your business.

Let’s start off by booking a 15-minute call, so we can get your company on the path to “burnout resolution”!
I worked with Robbin for an online webinar for Corporate Wellness Partnership that we were hosting on parenting and she was amazing. She really knew her subject matter well and showed so much energy and enthusiasm for it. I learned a lot and our audience learned a lot!
I really look forward to working with her again in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to companies for workshops on parenting and work! Thanks so much Robbin for all your work and insights!

Davina Ho
Partner at Corporate Wellness Partnership
"Our meeting with Robbin was one of the best meetings we have had since I have been a leader (in the last 3 years)! She was able to connect with each of us and provide individual ideas based on our family dynamics.
It seemed like everything she said individually to each of us resonated with the other moms as well.
Although virtual, Robbin was able to provide a safe space for us to be vulnerable, to share our struggles, and to grow as she was able to empower us to be better moms.
Thank you so much, Robbin, for giving our Chapter of the Holistic MomsNetwork such an amazing experience. We all look forward to reading your book and learning more about how to handle our emotions, support our children, and create, within our families, gentle and respectful relationships. Thanks again!"

Dr. Jacquelyn Hines
Holistic Moms Of New Jersey
"Robbin has a unique and practical approach to this subject matter, her lively personality, and expertise is a refreshing combination!
She is extremely approachable and patient with an ability to quickly recognize and address family issues and concerns.
Due to her own personal experiences and growth along with a variety of courses taken, Robbin has completely immersed herself in this field wholeheartedly.
We would strongly recommend Robbin as an expert in this field who speaks from the heart.  Her work, in our estimation, is above par and she is a credit to the work she does for families."

Melissa Beck & Helen Taylor
Women of Wellness group participating in the Total Makeover Challenge
“We were impressed by how prepared and organized Robbin was, including bringing her own stand for presenting and having informative handouts prepared for attendees.
Robbin spoke well and was very engaging. You can tell she has a great passion for what she does, and that really shines through during her presentations. Our participants were engaged and enjoyed her workshop from the moment she began. They learned a lot, and so did we.”

Adele Perry
2019 Nanny Jamboree Organizer

The Facts and Cost of Burnout:
how it's impacting your Parent Employees &
How Robbin's work Can Help

Cost to Businesses When Employees Experience Turbulent Home Lives

The estimated cost to the industry in the US is greater than $300 Billion a year in related costs such as absenteeism and reduced productivity.  

In the US, more than half of adults say that family responsibilities are a source of stress and 55% indicated they experienced work-family conflict in the past 3 months.

What Matters The Most to Today's Employees

Written policies aren’t enough; leadership needs to visibly support efforts to create work-life balance and demonstrate a genuine understanding and respect for the need for flexibility and transparency.

A deal breaker for many, regardless of a great salary, is having no flexibility or acknowledgment of a person's life outside of the workplace.

Recent events in the world have put a spotlight on the difficulties parents have juggling work and parenting.


In the competitive professional landscape, employees are looking for companies that serve and acknowledge them as a  whole person, including their family. 

Parenting Support for Your Employees Can Stop Burnout

It's become critical to support employees and see them
as a whole person, including their family.  

Robbin is available to discuss what program best fits your
employees and your company.

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