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Parenting Support for Your Employees
Can Stop Burnout




The fact is, family tension influences work stress and performance. Companies can gain an upper hand in both attracting and retaining top talent when they focus on effective employee wellness programs thereby creating a more supportive environment for working parents.


Equipping employees with the proper support and tools to navigate personal responsibilities, translates into work benefits, including employee satisfaction and productivity.

Employees are looking for support beyond maternity leave. Parenting support and education helps employees address family challenges so they can thrive at work and avoid or minimize the impact on their work performance.

Both  work-to-family  conflict  and  family-to-work conflict  are  associated  with  negative  effects  for  the  individual and are  significantly  related  to  burnout.  These conflicts are also related  to  lower  personal accomplishment,  greater emotional exhaustion and depersonalization.




This negatively impacts organizations in both

tangible and intangible ways including:

  • Decreased employee job satisfaction leading to lower performance

  • Increased sick days and absenteeism

  • Lower performance and increased job stress levels

  • Intention to leave the organization.

Supporting working parents results in more dedicated, loyal, and hard-working employees


When companies are great for parents and aspiring parents, they tend to be great for everyone else as well… And those high-trust, parent friendly workplaces aren't just better for people. They're better for business – with higher innovation and productivity. And they're better for the world. Because every time a working parent can shift from their job duties to care for their kids in a kind, patient way – rather than a stressed-out way – we all win!

- Michael Bush, CEO, Great Place to Work

With recent world events, it has put a spotlight on the difficulties parents have juggling work and parenting. In the competitive professional landscape, employees are looking for companies that serve and acknowledge them as a  whole person, including their family. 

Family Tension Influences
Work Stress Performance

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