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What Matters Most to
Your Parent Employees

Employees are looking for support beyond maternity leave. Parenting support and education helps employees address family challenges so they can thrive at work and avoid or minimize the impact on their work performance.


Supporting working parents results in more dedicated, loyal, and hard-working employees.


Written policies aren’t enough; leadership needs to visibly support efforts to create work-life balance and demonstrate a genuine understanding and respect for the need for flexibility and transparency.

A deal breaker for many, regardless of a great salary, is having no flexibility or acknowledgment of a person's life outside of the workplace.

75% of women ranked their manager’s and organization’s support for having the flexibility to balance work and professional life as the most critical criteria in job selection in terms of feeling respected at work.


Women report that feeling respected in the workplace and understood for their need to balance between family and work has a significant impact on their overall workplace satisfaction and desire to stay at an organization.

Employers may pay the ultimate price – losing talent - if they don’t provide a supportive environment that enables working parents to be successful.

Benefits shouldn't start or stop with baby. The best companies are thinking beyond maternity leave to support employees throughout the entire journey of planning and raising a family.

Companies considered the ‘Best Workplaces’ invest in benefits that provide continuous care and holistic support for parents at every stage of the journey.

Workplace trends  are showing that employers are shifting from managing their employee experiences, to managing the life experience of their employees.  Supporting employee mental health, inside and out of the office, is the NEW NORMAL.In short:

•  Supporting employees' family life gives your company a competitive edge

•  Attracting and retain the best talent requires investing in the whole person

•  Investing in parents, beyond maternity, makes good business sense

•  Decreasing stress of parents can increase your company’s bottom line

Support for Their Parenting Journey Beyond Maternity Leave 

The New Normal

"Employers need to support working parents and create work environments in which all employees feel comfortable being honest and transparent about their family obligations… Especially in a tight talent market, employers need to be doing as much as they can to attract and retain working parents… It is time for all employers to focus attention on the needs of their workforce or risk being left behind in the war for talent."

- Maribeth Bearfield, Chief Human Resources Office, Bright Horizons

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