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Robbin's Services

Robbin's work is presented in a practical, fun and easy to consume format.  Each workshop or presentation includes written material so attendees can put into practice the valuable tools and solutions Robbin shares

Discover Robbin's Work

90 minute MasterClasses

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How Busy Executives Can Have More Cooperation

and Connection With Their Kids​ 

When parents face turmoil at home it leads to decreased productivity, focus and energy. 

By connecting your employees with the resources they need to have a happier home life, the results will be seen in their ability to show up to do their job at the highest level and a positive impact on the workplace.

Robbin teaches how to manage home stress so it doesn't impact work.  She teaches the underlying reasons for their children's behavior and shares the tools and responses parents need. 

Robbin translates tools, such as, listening, empathy, and staying calm under fire, to benefit parents in their work roles, to make them stronger leaders. 


Course Outline: 

  • How to Leave Work Stress at the Office – How stress controls your life

  • How to Grow Your Connection with Your Kids

  • The Secret to Getting Better Behavior From Your Kids

Includes live presentation, workbook and Q&A

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Dealing with Disrespect, Bad Behavior

& Kids Who Don't Listen

Disrespect and undesirable behavior happens

in the home and in the workplace. 

Robbin will show you how to see behaviors as communication instead of good or bad.  She illustrates what people are actually needing, even when they are disrespectful, rude and don't want to listen. 

​Course Outline:

  • Using peaceful parenting/communication strategies to get more cooperation

  • Investigate behavior in order to name what they really need

  • Examine how our words and thoughts impact our interpretation of behavior

The Truth About Why Your

Kids Don't Listen To You

Your employees can learn the secrets to getting better cooperation at home and at work.   

Robbin teaches the skills to get better connection and listening and how these same strategies can be used with their co-workers

Course Outline: 

  • Constructing strong relationships that allow you to be a strong influence at work and home

  • Identify what your kids and co-workers are really saying even if they don't communicate effectively

  • Relate to people in a new way so you can clearly communicate with anyone


Includes live presentation, workbook and Q&A
Workshops can be done between 1-3 half days

The Strong  Connected Family


Build your influence as a leader in your home

and in the workplace

This program will give you the exact tools that will make it easy to respond peacefully to anyone, instead of reacting in anger, no matter the situation. 


Using the tools for effective communication, you can achieve better peace and harmony in the home and at work.  Strong communication and emotional intelligence, creates a space for deeper connections. 

Robbin outlines a comprehensive plan for parents so they can choose responses that create positive outcomes leading to more cooperation.  

Course Outline: 

  • Solve incivility with strategies that will give you confidence to handle any situation 

  • Identify how to build strong connections with family that leads more peace, easier transitions, and less yelling

  • The six steps to practice in order to repair a ruptured relationship

  • ​How to prepare for the future in a complicated world

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Alternatives to Punishment



This program goes through common behavior issues parents face, unravels them to explain what your kids are trying to tell you and what they are actually needing so you can respond in a peaceful way without getting into the same battles.


Participants will learn: 

  • Why punishments don’t work and how using them will eventually backfire

  • How punishments cause disconnection which in turn, creates more behavior you want to change

  • What causes “bad behavior” (hitting, lying, meltdowns)

  • The Alternatives

Discover the reasons punishments keep you from creating lasting connection and cooperation.

Understanding and Healing

Your Anger Triggers



This program goes through where your triggers come from and how to leave them behind for good.  

Participants will learn: 

  • The Anger Spiral; what it is and how it makes us miss what's really going on

  • Examining your thoughts and beliefs so you can see situations and behavior differently

  • Your parenting past and how it's impacting your parenting now

  • Triggers; where they come from, how to understand them and leave them behind

  • YOU!  How to put yourself back into the equation and why you need to

What if you understood the roots of your anger, frustration and triggers your kids bring out in you,  so you can respond instead of react?
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Understanding Your

Child at Any Age


This program walks you through the developmental stages your kids go through in their adolescence.  How brain science and development works and how you can use this knowledge to understand your child on a deeper level


Participants will learn: 

  • Universal truths of understanding your child's behavior - from toddlers to teens

  • Ages and stages so you know what to expect and what's temporary

  • The one parenting tool every parent needs to navigate any bad behavior, disrespect or power struggle; The Parent PASS

What if you could see your child simply as needing help or struggling, instead of being bad, naughty or disrespectful? 



To speak with Robbin directly about your needs and her availability,

schedule a call with her to discuss. 

How Busy Exectives
Truth About and Dealing with

Samples of Robbin's Work

Sample of Robbin's work

Mom Pod Squad with News Anchor,  Maureen Kyle, from WKYC Chanel 3 in Cleveland, OH

Chesapeake Family Life with Janet Jefferson, of Third Floor Views a production of Chesapeake Family Life

Infinite Impact Influencers with Evans Putman on how to create a more peaceful home and empower your children to grow up with resilience, confidence and strong emotional intelligence. 

Santa Kidz India and New Zealand talking about how to parent for connection.

Informational Video Series for Westcoast Families Magazine

How to Get Your Kids to Listen...the FIRST Time
How to Handle Disrespect
Managing Meltdowns
Why Punishments Don't Work
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